Planter Projects A Holiday Gift for the Gardener

reindeer gardening projects

The perfect holiday gift for the gardener in your life should consist of items that will get him or her ready to plant this spring! To create a festive reindeer planter filled with gardening essentials, grab a 12” container from your local retailer and decorate the outside with a fun holiday theme. This is a terrific idea for a traditional Christmas gift or a White Elephant Gift Exchange!

get started

Here’s What You’ll Need to Get Started

12″ Newbury Planter in Light Terracotta
Ames Gel Grip Hand Trowel
– Gift Card
– Illustration Board
– Googly Eyes, Bows, Holiday-Themed Washi Tape, Holiday Stickers, Red Pom Poms
– Hot Glue Gun
– Seed Packets


– this printable Reindeer Planter Antler Template

Antler Template


– and Southern Patio’s Plastic Self-Watering Insert

Self-watering insert

materials 1

Gather Some Goodies

We started off by shopping for a few packets of flower and veggie seeds and a gift card from The Home Depot.

The Ames Gel Grip Hand Trowel was also a perfect fit for the planter goodies.  At 3″ wide, the hand trowel creates a comfortable grip with an ergonomic handle design and a gel-grip insert.  Its durable, stainless steel blade proves its greatness for keeping up gardens with tight spaces.

Southern Patio’s Self-Watering Insert is a great gift for gardeners who don’t want to spend too much time on upkeep.   Fitting most planters up to 18 inches, the removable component reduces watering frequency. It includes an adjustable height refill tube and a water level indicator that floats when the insert is full. A rope wicks water into the soil from the insert’s reservoir that also allows roots to collect water as needed. Manufactured with the designer planter in mind, the insert is one of a kind in the gardening world with its abilities to distribute water while remaining hidden inside the container.

materials 2

Choose Your Antler Decorations

For the antler decorations, we used a hot glue gun to fasten googly eyes, red pom-poms for noses and bows to our male and female reindeer planters.  You can find any of these items at your local arts and crafts store.


Reindeer Template

We used white illustration board, holiday themed Washi Tape, and some bows for the antlers.  Be sure to download our printable Reindeer Planter Antler Template!


Bow Tie Reindeer

We used a bow at the bottom of this reindeer.


Antler Bow Reindeer

We used the bows on her antlers.  Much like hair bows!

reindeer gardening projects

Pass It On!

These reindeer planters can be used with any pots, but we chose the Newbury 12″ Planters in Light Terracotta from The Home Depot.  The durable resin construction of the Newbury Planter withstands frost in the winter and features drainage holes with an attached saucer to catch excess water.

Enjoy sharing your holiday creation with any avid gardener at your next holiday gift exchange!