Get advice and answers to common questions about finding and maintaining Southern Patio® planters, including information about warranties and more. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to call Customer Service at 855.836.5574. We’ll be happy to help.

I’m looking for more information about product warranty. Who should I contact?

For further details about warranty, please call customer service at 855-836-5574. You can view our warranty terms on the Terms of Use page.

Where do I find the model number on my planter?

Your model number is generally located as part of the UPC or barcode number. The UPC label is usually located on the bottom of your planter.

How should I maintain my planters to keep them in looking good?

Proper care of your planters will make your investment last and add benefit to your gardening experience. Here are some guidelines to follow:
• Clean your planters periodically. Wipe them with a clean, soft cloth. Use soap (Lysol® and Pine Sol® are safe) to loosen dirt and crusted material. Be careful not to use some cleaners, such as bleach solutions, that may damage the finish.
• Store your planters in a safe, dry location.

What is the warranty on my planters?

Please see the Warranty Policy

Do I have to register for my warranty to be effective?

No, Southern Patio does not require registration for your warranty to be effective. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

Where can I find your product in my area?

To locate a retailer who carries our products, click the “Where to Buy” button located on the page of the product in which you are interested. If you are having trouble locating a retailer in your area please contact us.

If I send in an email request, how soon can I expect a response?

We make every effort to respond to email requests on our website within 24 hours. If you have not received a response to your email, please contact Customer Service at 1-855-836-5574.