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gardening as stress relief

By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Are you feeling a little stressed, overwhelmed, or defeated? More than just ‘being one with nature’, getting outside to work in your yard or tend to your container garden might be just the stress reliever you need! And here’s why!

It Gives You Control

A lack of control in your work life or home life can cause a lot of stress. And not knowing what’s coming next in either of those areas of life can make you feel overwhelmed.

On the contrary, planning a garden, planting flowers or vegetables, and watering your plants are all ways you CAN exhibit control over something in your life.

    jamaica planter

After all, just like they sing in Off-Broadway’s The Fantasticks, “Plant a radish. Get a Radish.” You always know what you’re going to get in your garden, whether you plant vegetable seeds or flowering plants. What you plant is what will grow.

Exercises Your Body

According to Harvard Medical School, just 30 minutes of general gardening activities, like weeding, digging, and pruning can burn 135 calories.

3 Ways Gardening Can Relieve Your Stress

Just like going for a walk or lifting weights, gardening is a way to move your body regularly. All are effective ways to boost your mood and lower anxieties which may be causing you stress!

Exercising (and exposure to sunlight) releases mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine. So not only are you improving muscle tone, blood flow, and other physical aspects of regular exercise, you’re also improving your mood! And who wants to turn down a good mood?

Serves as a Distraction

Lastly, gardening can help relieve stress by serving as a distraction from whatever is causing you stress!

Scooping soil, packing soil around new plants, cutting old blooms (deadheading), spreading fertilizer, planning your next container garden all help give your mind a break by focusing on something else! Plus while you’re doing those things, you can daydream about what your garden will look like in a few weeks or months and what you’ll make when your fruits and vegetables are ready to be harvested!

gardening as a distraction

You can also distract yourself with pretty planters! This Navy Beehive planter has a twist and lock saucer. So water will drain better which will improve airflow to the roots of your precious plants! And it prevents spilling from over-watering, virtually eliminating a common stressor for many beginner gardeners.

navy beehive planter with twist and lock saucer

Increase Property Value

As an add-on to the stress relief, well-tended yards and plants may also increase your property value. A perfect bonus if you’re looking to sell in the next few months!

Fortunately, ordering all of the supplies you need to complete your gardening tasks can be done online for delivery or curbside pickup. So you can start relieving that stress right away!

shop online for gardening supplies

Both planters featured in this article are available for home delivery.

16″ Beehive Planter in Navy

15″ Jamaica Wicker Square Planter

gardening supplies can be ordered online


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