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Blue Planter Made For Small Spaces

By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Whether you live in an urban environment, in a townhouse, or a small home on the outskirts of town, container gardening in a small space may be your only option! So, you may think you have to forego the warmth, color, and joy container gardens add to an outdoor living space.

Think Up

But you may only be thinking of containers and planters from years past that take up a lot of floor space, especially if you want to grow your own vegetables. The trick with small spaces is utilizing vertical space as much as possible whether it’s organizing inside or planting outside.

And that’s where the modular FlexSpace Garden comes in! You can plant 3 different containers with a variety of plants in the same space one container would normally take up.

Container Gardening in a Small Space

Configure for You

You can arrange it to suit your space since the kit comes with 3 containers and 2 legs to get you started! It’s best to determine your layout prior to planting since some configurations change where plants can go.

If you’re planting herbs or flowers that don’t require deep roots, use the grower pots that come with your plants at the bottom of your container before adding dirt. This will reduce the amount of soil you need!

Plant a Variety

Once your configuration is in place, you can pick out your plants! A single tomato, several herbs, or your favorite seasonal flowers can give you a lot of use out of the small space you’ve got.

Growing Tomato with Cage in FlexSpace Garden

You can even plant a mosquito-repellent garden in one container to help repel those pesky bugs and improve the quality of the time you spend outdoors.

Growing Herbs in FlexSpace Garden

Growing Flowers in FlexSpace Garden

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