Container Gardening Under $40 – Mosquito Repellent Recipe

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mosquito repellent container garden

Doesn’t it always feel like the mosquito population gets worse with every passing summer? These pests are especially bothersome when you’re trying to enjoy a nice evening on your patio or deck. Citronella candles work well and bug spray does the trick, but why not add something to your outdoor environment that’s also pretty to look at? Planter gardens that contain bug-repelling flowers are easy to create and don’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money. This particular recipe costs less than $40 to make!

Here’s what you will need:

Southern Patio’s 12” Chastain Planter in Lightning – exclusively at The Home Depot $9.98

8-Quart Potting Mix – $4.97

4 Marigold Plants – $11.92

2 Polka Dot Plants – $2.96

Total of $29.83 (before taxes)

For a cost-friendly, yet sturdy, decorative planter, we chose our 12” Chastain Planter in Lightning. This 12” planter is the perfect size for a tabletop centerpiece. An 8-quart bag of potting mix will do the trick and for our mosquito-repellent flowers, we went with marigolds. As it turns out, bugs such as aphids and mosquitoes (and even animals such as rabbits) don’t like the smell of these flowers. To add a bit more decoration to the planter, we chose 2 polka dot plants to add contrast to the orange marigolds.

gather your materials

Be sure to drill at least four or five holes in the bottom of the planter. This will allow for adequate drainage for this outdoor container garden. Check out this article on how to drill holes in a resin planter.

drill holes

When getting your plants ready to be re-potted, loosen up the roots a little by hand. This allows for good nutrient absorption.

loosen up the roots

Add soil about halfway up the container and start to fill the inside perimeter with your marigolds. Loosen up the roots of the polka dot plants, and fill in empty spaces within your planter with these flowers. Add soil around these plants to keep them securely in place. Water your new container garden according to the needs of the flowers.

add soil and marigolds

Container gardening doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and can actually be beneficial!


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