Creating a Container Garden

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Rumba Red Devyn

New to container gardening? Need some tips on how to get started? We’ve got you covered.

What you need:

  • Containers – pick out some planters that will complement the flowers that you will be planting. There’s much more than just terracotta planters these days.
  • Plants – choose plants that fit your personality – lots of colors, textures and different sizes. These make your container garden unique and creative.
  • Soil – make sure you have enough soil to fill your containers, so that all your plants will thrive.
  • Digging Tools – a simple trowel is probably all you need to make sure your plants are safely and securely in your planter.

How to get started:

  • Plan out your containers. Take stock of the flowers and plants you have purchased and decide what will look good together. Going in with a game plan saves time and also lets your creativity soar. Also, don’t be afraid to just place one bold plant in a container by itself, this can make a strong statement, as well.
  • Consider Mother Nature. Does your plant need sun or shade? These are important items to consider to make sure your plant not only survives but thrives. Research your plants to make sure you give them optimal light conditions and place your containers in those areas.
  • Mix it up. Placing different textured flowers and plants together is a great way to bring variety to your garden. Sure you only have a small area to show off your plants, but why limit yourself to just one family of flowers. Do the most you can with the space you’re given and don’t shy away from mixing patterns. We know it goes against what your mom taught you when you were getting ready for school.
  • Go bold or go home. This is your chance to stand out so choose plants that are bold in color. Bright oranges, purples, pinks – they can all work well together and help you create a beautiful container garden.

Now that you know the basics are you ready to get started?

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