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Ornamental Kale and Swiss Chard Decorating Front Porch

By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

It’s the time of year again where pumpkins are everywhere you turn. Big piles of pumpkins on front steps or simple displays flanking a front door. Elevate your pumpkin display this year by arranging them in whiskey barrels! Or add some texture by planting ornamental kales and cabbage too!

Piles of Pumpkins

Using planters inside and outside your home always adds visual interest, color, and variety to your space. So, it only makes sense to use them to decorate for fall too!

To increase the impact of your pumpkins, fill a Whiskey Barrel Planter with dirt. Place a large, medium, and small pumpkin on top of each other towards the back. Then fill in the area in front with plenty of small pumpkins and a few medium pumpkins until no more dirt shows through. The best part, they don’t have to be symmetrical or even right-side up. The messier the better when it comes to piling pumpkins!

Display Pumpkins in a Whiskey Barrel for Easy Fall

You can pick up bags of small pumpkins and gourds at your grocery store for a few dollars. And styling them all together creates a big impact without spending a fortune on larger pumpkins.

Place your pumpkin planter by your front door or on your front steps to welcome fall to your house!

Add Fall Plants

If you prefer your pumpkins to be more subtle, pick out a variety of tall and small fall plants to add even more oomph to your planter. Some to consider are ornamental kale (there are large and small varieties, both pictured here), multi-colored Swiss chard, and ornamental cabbages. And of course, the fall favorite mums are one you’ll see plenty of at the garden center.

Fall Front Porch Decor

Start with your tallest plants in the back. Plant a medium-height plant next to it, also towards the back. Then add in a few medium and small pumpkins stacked or piled on top of one another in the front. Finally, add in your smaller cabbages or kales to fill in the rest of the exposed dirt.

How to Use Whiskey Barrel Planter for Fall

Water them every few days and you’ll have a beautiful fall display that is sure to make your neighbors jealous for the rest of the season!

Pumpkins and Plants in Same Planter

Whichever way you choose to decorate, adding a Whiskey Barrel Planter to your décor will add texture and height to your festive display!

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