Growing Herbs Indoors in Containers

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By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

There are many herbs that are perfectly suited to be grown indoors. And doing so during the hot, hot months of summer or freezing temperatures of winter can mean you have fresh herbs year-round.

Plant them in an attractive planter that can be used inside and outside. You can leave them outside as long as the weather is conducive and then move them inside when the weather turns. Give a window box a try. It can sit on a windowsill, giving the plants the sunlight they need and plenty of room to grow!

Here are a few herbs to choose from that will grow well indoors:

  • Chives. It doesn’t take much to make them happy so they’ll easily grow indoors. You can continually harvest them. But don’t cut off more than one-third of the blade at a time, just like cutting your grass.
  • Mint. It can grow and grow and take over your yard. So planting it in a container is a great idea! It’s also content growing indoors.
  • Thyme. It’s one of many herbs that can be propagated from cuttings from larger plants. Clip some from an existing outdoor plant and grow it indoors closer to your kitchen.

Other plants that grow well from clippings are oregano, rosemary, and sage. Plant the clippings in fresh potting soil and keep the soil moist by watering and then covering the soil with plastic wrap. They will grow roots and establish themselves in a few weeks. Add some of the other herbs from your local nursery, bring the planter inside, and keep the deliciousness growing inside this winter!

terracotta window box with indoor herbs for summer

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