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indoor container gardening in winter

By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Winter is approaching which means spending more time indoors. So it’s time to focus your gardening and planting indoors too. There are plenty of houseplants that can thrive year-round indoors. And beautiful planters that can be used indoors now and outdoors when spring rolls around.

Size Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to plants, any amount is better than none! So even if you’re living in a small home or apartment or just low on space, you can still reap the benefits. (Plants have proven to be mood-boosters and air cleaners.) In fact, you can pack more punch with one planter in a small space than you can with one planter in a large space.

The Home Depot’s Pineapple Planters are the perfect displays for a variety of plants in a variety of spots in your home. The taller pot can be set on the ground next to a chair or end table and hold its own. While the bowl is small enough to be set on a table in your living room! Pair them together for a styled but not matchy-matchy look.

tall Pineapple planter Pineapple bowl planter

Built to Last

Even though the Pineapple planter looks like a ceramic pot, they are actually a composite material. They’re easy to move around your house because they are lightweight. And if a guest knocks one over, no sweat because it’s virtually unbreakable!

Houseplants are very much the same, they will thrive indoors no matter what the weather is outside. So plant now to brighten your winter and you’ll still be able to enjoy them in spring and summer. Pair plants with similar light needs in the same planter for the best results.

Houseplants will thrive no matter the weather

Colorful Additions

The best part about houseplants is all of the color and life they can add to your space. You can’t go wrong with anything green like a Snake Plant (pictured here), Ivy, or the go-to for first-timers, Golden Pothos. But if you’re itching for more depth or texture, maybe it’s time to add pops of pinks and red with Red Vein or Aglaonemas (both are pictured here). For yellow leaves, try a variegated Trinette.

The best part about houseplants is all of the color and life it can add to your space.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Did you know you can actually grow some ‘outdoor’ plants indoors during the winter? If you just aren’t finding what you want in the houseplant section, try the ‘part sun’ plants in the outside area of your garden center.

Because these planters can be used indoors AND outdoors, you can grow your plants indoors for the winter months and then set on your patio or front porch when the weather turns warm again. Just remove the drainage hole plug and you’ll have well-drained soil.

If you’re moving your outdoor plants inside to winter, pick up a clear plastic saucer. It will protect your flooring and furnishings from the water runoff if the drainage plug has previously been removed.

Reimagine your apartment or small home with some houseplants this winter! You don’t need a big space for them to thrive and bring you and your winter guests joy.

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