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small teal ceramic pot on night stand

By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Gift Ideas for Dad, Grad, or Just Because

There are so many occasions throughout the year that a small gift or token of appreciation is needed. And we’ve all scrambled at the last minute to put together a decent one without spending too much money. Fortunately, there are some gift ideas that are universal and can be given to anyone for any occasion. Simple indoor planters you can put together today are just one example!

For the Chef

A small, elegant planter with a built-in saucer is all you need to hold a small herb plant. Add some soil and you have a gift perfect for the Dad who likes to cook, a simple hostess gift, or a birthday gift for that friend who’s always hard to shop for.

small white ceramic pot with basil

Since the planter has a small base, it can easily fit on a windowsill in the kitchen to get all the sunlight it needs. Plus it’ll be close to the sink to keep it watered and thriving.

For the Grad

If you know a recent graduate or student headed off to college, brighten up their dorm room or first apartment with a low-maintenance, low-light plant like a potted succulent. This String of Bananas plant has very low light needs and adds so much charm to our ceramic Cadiz planter (find the look here).

blue ceramic planter with String of Bananas plant

Again, you’ll want to look for a planter or container that has a built-in saucer to protect the furniture underneath from water.

For the Trend Friend

Variegated plants are seeing their time in the spotlight right now. And for good reason, the varying and differently colored leaves add variety and visual interest to any room. So why not gift a fun and beautiful container with a Marble Queen Pothos and its notoriously low-maintenance attitude?

white ceramic pot with Marble Queen Pothos

Ideal for a housewarming gift, new boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s birthday, newlyweds, or even just because. Green and white are timeless and will match almost any existing décor.

Take one, two, or three of these ideas with you to the garden center and have some fun putting together the perfect planter+plant combos to gift for your next occasion! And when you do, be sure to tag @southernpatio1 on social media to share your great ideas!

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