Maintaining a Container Garden

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whiskey barrel

So you’ve put together your container garden, but you’re wondering what to do next. Unfortunately, container gardens aren’t just plant it and forget it, but that’s not what you wanted anyhow, right? Maintaining your container garden can be a source of zen if you are a little stressed out. Here’s what you should to do to make sure your container garden thrives through the summer or even longer!

  • Water your plants! This might seem like a no-brainer, but truth be told making sure your plant has the right amount of water is a very important step. First be sure not to over water your plants – you could actually drown them. If you live in hot and dry areas you may have to water your plants more often. Make sure you take notice of weather as well. If rain is in your forecast you may not need to water your plants for a day or so. Make sure to research the plants you are growing so you know all of their needs.
  • Show your plants the light! How much light do your plants need? This goes back to researching your plants. Whatever the answer is, find the area of your home or yard that will equip them with the proper amount of light.
  • Take your vitamins! Plants need vitamins? If you want them to be healthy and strong and grow they do. Just like when you were a kid, make sure they are getting a great diet of nutrients to keep them strong.
  • Keep those pests at bay! We all know that different bugs and insects, even mammals can wreak havoc on all of our hard work. You don’t deserve that and nor do your plants. There are chemical pesticides, but also more natural techniques as well. There are natural pesticides you can make, traps, barriers or even friendly insects that can keep other problem pests away.

Sure, there’s more things you can do to maintain your garden, but these steps will help create beautiful containers that will give your home something extra!