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shopping for planters online

By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

It has never been easier to gather the supplies you need to spruce up your container gardens, planters, and front porch! Whether you prefer curbside pickup or home delivery, stepping inside a store could be a thing of the past.

Mobile Ordering

Sometimes you have the time to meander the aisles of the garden center, and sometimes you just need to get it done. Enter all the curbside pickup and home delivery options that have popped up during the last year.

Shopping for mulch, potting soil, or planters? If you need it ASAP, your best bet is to use a big box store’s mobile app. You will know before you add it to your cart if they have it in stock at your local store. And during the checkout process, you’ll be prompted to select in-store or curbside pickup!

Then when you are ready to pick it up, check-in, again, through their app and park in the designated spaces when you arrive. No contact necessary.

Shopping for mulch, potting soil, or planters

Local Pickup

Not to be outdone, your locally owned Mom and Pop nursery and garden centers have also stepped up their curbside pickup game. Not only can they offer advice on which plants will do well in your climate, most will also take orders over the phone and bring it out to your car when you arrive!

A quick phone call and you will have all you need to have the best container gardens on the block. Again, without ever stepping inside, or outside, the store.

Online Ordering for Delivery

You don’t have to limit yourself to planter options only available at the store, either.

Ordering items online to be shipped and delivered to your front porch has become more and more commonplace. Items you never would have thought about ordering online, like groceries, couches, or cars, are purchased and shipped every day.

Thankfully, manufacturers and makers of the finer things in life, like beautiful planters, have followed suit and beefed up their packaging for shipping as well.

Colony Square planters

packaging for shipping packaging made specifically to fit their shape

These Colony Square planters are shipped with packaging made specifically to fit their shape. So, you don’t have to sweat wondering if they’ll make it in one piece or not.

Check out all the options available from our online retail partners here!

Whether you pick up in your car or walk out your front door, order through an app or with a phone call, making your outdoor spaces beautiful doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy this season.

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