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Completed Spilled Flower Bed

By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Using a planter always adds variety, texture, and interest to an outdoor living area, whether it’s a patio, deck, or front porch. And with so many beautiful planters to choose from, you just may need more places to use them! So here is how to incorporate planters into your landscaping with a spilled flower bed.

Find A Spot

The nice thing about planting a spilled flower bed is it can go in many different spots in your yard. Around your mailbox, under a tree, or in a planting area near your front door are easy choices. Maybe you have some plants that aren’t thriving where they are planted that can be removed to make room for your spilled bed? Or maybe you’re ready to establish a new planting area in your yard with your spilled bed as the centerpiece? Either way, you’ll want to lay out your planter to gauge the direction you want your flowers to flow.

Flower Bed Area Before Spilled Planter Dryfit Rustic Planter Before Digging

Since the planter that your flowers are ‘spilled’ from does not sit on top of the dirt, you will need to dig a small recess for it to sink into a bit. You will want your planter to be on an angle, not laying on its side. This allows space for dirt inside the planter that will sustain your flowers. And it will conceal the bottom of your planter.

Planter in Place in Flower Bed Area

Spill Your Flowers

Speaking of dirt, add some of the dirt you just dug up into your planter or add potting soil. Plant a flower or two inside the planter. Arrange your remaining flowers in front of the planter to create the illusion that they were spilled out from the planter.

Rustic Planter Flower Bed

Any time you’re working with plants, you’ll want to select plants that thrive with the amount of sunlight available in your planting spot whether it’s partial sun (4-6 hours) or full sun (6+ hours).

A spilled flower bed is a great opportunity for those colorful, fast-blooming annual flowers that we all love. For fall, consider Chrysanthemums, Violas, Pansies, Dianthus, or Asters. But you don’t have to pick just one! A variety of flowers will add even more dimension and interest to your new flower bed!

Once all of your lovely flowers have been properly planted, spread your favorite mulch around the entire bed to give it a finished look!

Spilled Flower Bed with Mums Mexican Heather and Creeping Jenny
(Pictured here are Mums, Mexican Heather, and Creeping Jenny.)


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