RECIPE: Beautiful Container Garden

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When creating a beautiful container garden, choose plants of varying heights and colors to create a visually stimulating masterpiece.

This particular container garden incorporates the Thriller, Filler, Spiller effect of positioning certain plants of different heights into one planter. Thriller plants are a bold focal point of your container garden while Filler plants do exactly that – they fill up space surrounding the Thriller plant.  Spiller plants cascade over the sides of the containers.  The color scheme we chose for our beautiful container garden was white, pink, and yellow.

Here is the breakdown of this container garden:

A – Southern Patio’s 16″ Keystone Barrel

B – the Thriller white and pink Curcuma plant.

C – yellow Lantanas as the Spiller plant.

D – pink Pentas as the Filler plant.

beautiful container garden recipe card

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