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By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Succulents are popular plants for their sturdy leaves, year-round color, and easy-to-maintain disposition. They can tolerate different growing conditions, whether hot or cold, inside or outside, and there are so many varieties available.

Planter basket for succulentsHanging basket on a shepherd's hook









Inside or Outside

Succulents transition easily from inside to outside and vice versa. So planting your succulents in a container that can also transition easily is a must! Using a hanging basket like the Jamaica Hanging Basket allows you to hang your succulents outside during spring and fall.  Then, simply remove the chain and you have a bowl planter to move inside for table décor or under a covered area for shade.

Using hanging basket as bowl planter for succulents

Although succulents are commonly thought of as desert plants, they don’t like hot, hot weather (80º+) with direct sunlight. So moving them inside or into a shaded area with indirect sunlight during July and August will help them to thrive all year-round.

On the other end of the temperature gauge, they prefer to stay warmer than 40º. Should your succulents need to be outside for a few days below that, forgo watering so that the soil is very dry.

Easy to Water

Having the right planter makes watering your succulents that much easier. While succulents need regular watering, they don’t like to sit in wet soil all the time. So allowing the soil to drain completely after each watering and before watering again is essential.

An easy guideline is to test the soil 1-2 inches below the surface with your finger. If it’s dry, it’s time to water again! If it’s still wet, hold off on watering another day or two.

Using planters with attached saucers, like the Brentwood Pot, make it a breeze to get proper drainage while also protecting the surface beneath your planter.

Attached saucer white ceramic planter

Keep in mind, your succulents may require more frequent watering during the growing seasons of spring and summer. Start with twice a week and increase frequency as needed. Always water the soil itself, not the leaves of your succulents.

Green for Indoors

While all succulents can survive indoors for limited amounts of time, green succulents will do better than reds or purples over longer periods. So look for green leaves if indoor plants are on your wish list!

A few varieties to get you started are jade, Aloe vera, Echeveria, or the panda plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa).

Top down view of succulents in planter bowl

Lastly, if you have a sunny corner in your house, add a sturdy hook to the ceiling to display a hanging basket of succulents no matter what time of year.

Succulent hanging basket inside

Succulents need some sunlight, a little water and can be grown inside or out making them a versatile choice to add to your garden or home this spring!


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