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By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Having pretty plants on your deck or porch doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy to maintain. Use these time-saving gardening tips and keep it simple to create the garden you’ve always wanted!

Choose Easy Plants

The best part about plants is that even the simplest ones still enhance your yard or planters! So keep it simple when you’re picking them out. Some of the easiest plants to grow are the ones you already know how to maintain. Also, look for varieties that are drought-tolerate, don’t need to be pruned, and those that don’t grow too tall for the space they’re being planted.

To find other plants that will do well in your area, go for a drive! Plants that do well in your neighbor’s yard will likely do well in your yard too.

Pick Perennials

When picking out plants in the garden center, look for perennials instead of annuals. Perennials will come back year after year without having to replant. Annuals will need to be dug up and replaced each season which means more work for you!

Watering Needs

Check the tags that come with your plants for their specific watering needs. Place plants with similar needs together in containers or pots. Even easier, select plants with the same watering needs across all of your containers so everything can be watered on the same schedule.

For example, succulents prefer the soil to be well-drained prior to their next watering. Whereas hydrangeas love their soil to be moist (but not soaking) at all times.

Plant Smarter

Another way to reduce the frequency of watering your plants is to plant in self-watering containers. They hold a reservoir of water at the bottom for the roots to draw from when needed.

The Jackson Self-Watering Planters make it easy and offer a variety of colors and sizes. Pour water from the top of the planter until water drains from the overflow at the bottom.

If you have an existing planter you love, convert it to a self-watering planter by adding a self-watering insert beneath the plant. It also has a reservoir for water that allows the soil and roots to access water as needed while the rope wicks water into the soil to maintain even moisture. After initially watering from the top, use the adjustable height refill tube to water your plants.

Water Smarter

If the hardest part of maintaining your container plants is remembering to water them, don’t remember! Let your smartphone do the work by setting a recurring alarm.

You can also spread out your watering for multiple plants by alternating days. For example, on Mondays and Thursdays water plants at the front of your house. On Tuesdays and Fridays water your backyard plants!

Make it fun by using a colorful watering can and listening to your favorite Pandora station while you water!

Buying easy-to-maintain plants, using self-watering containers, and creating a watering schedule with the help of technology will help you have a green thumb without taking up precious time!


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