Transplanting to a New Garden

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transplanting to a new garden

Has your plant outgrown its current container? Are you confused about what you should do next? Well, here are some simple steps to help you make sure your plant thrives in its new environment!

If your plant has outgrown its current home you should only move up to a container that is slightly bigger than the current container that is currently in.

  • Water the plant thoroughly several hours prior to removing it from the container – This helps loosen the soil and makes the roots easier to remove. It also reduces transplant shock
  • Invert the pot – Holding the plant upside down with your hand over the potting mix, tap the rim of the plant to help with removing the plant. NEVER pull the plant from its stem. Continue tapping or rolling until the plant comes out on its own. If you have a stubborn plant, it may be necessary to use water pressure to remove the plant.
  • Rearrange the roots – Your plant has made a nice little home in its old container, but in the new container, we need to give the roots room to breathe. They probably currently look like a ball. Gently with your fingers, untangle the roots so they are able to spread in their new home.
  • Prune off any dead or damaged roots
  • Plug any drainage holes to keep soil from draining through the hole
  • Add potting mix to the container – Make sure your roots come to with an inch of the top of the pot
  • Set the plant into the container – Make sure that your plant is standing straight and begin adding potting mix around the root ball
  • Leave 3/4″ of room from the top of the container to your soil to make watering your plant easier
  • Do not place your plant in direct sunlight, gradually let it readjust to the elements by keeping it in a warm area and getting used to its new surroundings

These tips will help your old plant thrive in new surroundings!