Wall Art for Large Spaces

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By:  Chelsea Lipford Wolf

We’ve all been there…whether inside or outside, you have a large wall and want to fill it up with something. But large pieces of art can be so expensive and a gallery wall can look cluttered. Large metal wall art made for the great outdoors!


Entry Wall

A common space that needs large art is the front entry to your home. Pairing a piece made from metal with your entry or console table adds depth and texture to your space a painting or printed canvas might no.

And since it’s lightweight and comes with a hanger on the back, all you need is a single nail or screw in the wall to hold it up.


Sofa Wall

Wall ArtAnother common area that could use something large on the wall is above a couch in the family room. In a living room or den there are usually plenty of opportunities to hang family pictures or other decorative wall hangings that bring color and life to a space. But too much of a good thing can make your room feel and look busy or small.

One large piece above the sofa in a neutral gold solves it all! Not only will the modern metal color make your room feel trendy, it’s made for the outdoors so you don’t have to worry about it being too fragile!





Brick Wall

Wall ArtLastly, a common space always begging for something is an exterior wall along your patio or porch. If you don’t have a bunch of windows or if your house is raised on a crawlspace, you probably have a large area of siding that needs a weather-safe decorative piece.

Not only can a large metal piece, like the Taza, fill up that space, the variation in metal tones adds dimension to an otherwise blah wall.

Have a brick house? No problem! All you need is a masonry bit (just like drilling holes in a ceramic planter) and a nail or screw.

Next time you’ve got a large wall to fill, shop ‘outside’ the interior decor aisle and look for something made to hang outdoors in the garden center!

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