Planter Projects GARDENING PROJECTS: A 2016 Year in Review

outdoor gardening project

When we decided to dust off our hand shovels and recreate gardening projects we had seen on Pinterest or created with the help of Do-It-Yourself experts, we had no idea the amount of fun we would have! Each of our 2016 gardening projects utilized one of Southern Patio’s durable, decorative planters, some plants, and a whole lot of imagination!  Here is what we accomplished this year:

get started

Here’s What You’ll Need to Get Started

Southern Patio Planters

spilled flower gardening projects

We Built a Spilled Garden

This concept was a hot ticket this past summer on Pinterest.  We saw a ton of projects that consisted of a planter on its side with flowers spilling out of it.

For this, we used the 22.5″ Kentucky Walnut Whiskey Barrel and some multi-colored mums.

tiered container gardening projects

We Mastered Vertical Gardening

Using the 24″ Fern Rolled Rim Window Box, and with the help of DIY Guru Chelsea Lipford Wolf, we created a tiered container garden perfect for any deck space.

dinosaur gardening projects

We Built a Home for Dinosaurs

A take on the traditional fairy garden idea, this dinosaur creation uses Southern Patio’s 16″ Sydney Bowl in Irish Cream.  And…a few miniature giants, of course.

pumpkin topiary gardening projects

We Created a Pumpkin-Mum-Whiskey Barrel Topiary

Using the 22.5″ Rustic Oak Whiskey Barrel, we built a towering container garden filled with mums and plastic pumpkins.

reindeer gardening projects

And...We said "Happy Holidays"

We used the 12″ Light Terracotta Newbury Planters to create the perfect gift for the gardener.