Planter Projects GARDENING PROJECTS: A 2017 Year in Review

2017 year in review

With each new planting season, we offer the latest and greatest in decorative pots and container gardening accessories.  Our library of helpful tips and creative projects keeps growing as our product assortment increases and we are proud to be able to offer you the latest and greatest.  Here are some of our favorite container gardening projects from 2017 that we hope you can utilize for the upcoming planting season.

get started

Here’s What You’ll Need to Get Started

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We Created a Pot O' Gold Fit for a Leprechaun

Last March while the weather was still cold and the ground was still frozen, we took a couple of our terracotta pots and some gold leaf and created these decorative planters perfect for succulents or candy dishes.

Featured here are our terracotta 6” Standard Pot and 6” Azalea Pot.

southern patio self-watering insert and caylo planter

Watering Frequency was Reduced with the Self-Watering Insert

In an effort to be green like the plants we pot, we reduced our watering efforts by adding a self-watering insert to our 15” Caylo Planter – sold exclusively at The Home Depot. Our lily plant is still thriving and our indoor container gardening tasks have been reduced by adding this one of a kind insert with its abilities to distribute water while remaining hidden inside of the container.

whimsical fairy garden

We Added Whimsy to Outdoor Container Gardening

With the help of DIY Guru Chelsea Lipford Wolff, a few fairy-friendly items from a local craft store, fun-looking succulents, and potting soil, we recreated a popular project using our 19” Acid Stained Planter – sold exclusively at The Home Depot.

jelly bean tomato seedlings

Tons of Tomatoes were Planted!

In March, we decided to plant Jelly Bean tomato seeds in re-purposed yogurt containers. Then, we re-potted those sprouted plants months later in our 12” Sonoma Planters – sold exclusively at Lowe’s. The result – a bountiful harvest of teeny, tiny little tomatoes.

mosquito-repellent container garden

We told Pesks to “Bug Off!”

Chelsea also gave us some advice on how to create a mosquito-repellent container garden using our Keystone Barrel.

spilled flower pot

We Thought Outside of the Planter

We created a spilled flower pot using our 20” Keystone Barrel and tons of beautiful, colorful flowers.

beautiful container garden

We Proved that Good Recipes Don’t Just Include Food

Every gardener could use a good blueprint every now and then for a beautiful container garden. This year, we focused on providing some methods on not only creating eye-catching container gardens, but also how to accomplish it in a more cost-friendly way.

succulent tree

The End of the Year Showcased Indoor Container Gardening

We went the extra mile to impress our new teachers by creating back to school gifts using 6” Terracotta Pots and chalkboard paint. We slid into the fall season filled with mums and pumpkins with this whiskey barrel project. Thanksgiving brought another terracotta pot project with this attractive centerpiece. And, we rang in the holiday season by creating a succulent tree using our 8” ceramic Lorna Planter as a base.