Planter Projects How to Make a Tiered Container Garden

tiered container gardening project

By: Chelsea Lipford Wolf

A lack of outdoor square footage does not mean you can’t have a beautiful garden space! As long as you have a little bit of vertical space and some containers, you can create a garden perfect for exercising your green thumb.




get started

Here’s What You’ll Need to Get Started

Set of pressure-treated stringers

4 window box containers

A handful of exterior screws.



Gather Your Materials

All you’ll need to create a Tiered Container Garden is a set of pressure-treated stringers, 4 window box containers, and a handful of exterior screws. And some beautiful plants, of course!


Place the Stringers

Each horizontal of the stringer is the perfect spot for a plastic window box container. Place the stringers against your house or vertical surface as far apart as your containers will allow. The ones seen here are 24”, but they are also available in a 3′ variety.



Adjust the Containers

The containers become the structure that holds the whole thing together as they are set in place and attached with exterior screws.

Each corner inside the window boxes has the perfect spot for your screws. You can screw in each corner or just one corner on each side.

What’s great about containers is you can plant herbs, flowers, or even vegetables. But before you get to planting, make sure your new garden is where you want it. Once you add dirt and plants, you won’t be able to remove the screws very easily.


Select Plants

As with any container garden, select plants with similar water and sunlight needs.

If you enjoy growing and cooking with fresh herbs, consider planting them on your top tier so they’re easy to harvest!

Use a variety of color and species in your flowers based on your tastes and climate.

Just be sure to select plants that don’t grow too tall and cover the next tier’s blooms! Stick to ones 12 inches or less and you’ll have a happy, healthy garden all season long!