Our garden pots, planters, & containers styles run the gamut from classic and weather worn to sleek and contemporary. That’s why we offer many ways to browse and sort them on our site. You can use the buttons to the right to narrow your options based on your specific plants and setting. If you are interested in purchasing planters for your organization, visit our Wholesale Growers page for more information.

Southern Patio creates durable planters that can withstand various patio elements.
Pre-drilled Hole
Pre-drilled Hole
No need to drill yourself, as these planters come with a pre-drilled hole.
Resists Frost
Resists Frost
Planter will not crack when temperature dips below freezing.
Features a reservoir for the plants roots to reach into and retrieve water as needed.
UV Coating
UV Coating
Some of our planters come with a UV coating so they don’t lose their brilliant color.
select a color
May select multiple colors
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  • Barclay Footed Saucer, Faux Concrete

    Barclay Footed Saucer, Faux Concrete (1)

  • Clay Saucer

    Clay Saucer (1)

  • Newbury Saucer, Cadmium Green

    Newbury Saucer, Cadmium Green (1)

  • Poly Saucer, Black

    Poly Saucer, Black (2)

  • Poly Saucer, Clay

    Poly Saucer, Clay (2)

  • Poly Saucer, Sage

    Poly Saucer, Sage (1)

  • Saucers

    Saucers (2)

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