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Self-Watering Insert

The self-watering insert reduces gardening maintenance, making it the perfect planter accessory for the Green Thumb-on-the-Go. Fitting most planters up to 18 in. the removable component reduces watering frequency. It includes an adjustable height refill tube and a water level indicator that floats when the insert is full. A rope wicks water into the soil from the inserts reservoir that also allows roots to collect water as needed. Manufactured with the designer planter in mind, the insert is one of a kind in the gardening world with its abilities to distribute water while remaining hidden inside the container.

  • Reduces the frequency of watering your plants
  • Water reservoir allows the roots to access water as needed
  • Fits most planters up to 18 in. Dia

Available Sizes & Dimensions
Southern Patio Planter Dimensions

  • 7 Inch  |  4"(L) × 6.625"(W) × 8"(H)


  • Green

UPC Code

  • 684143038801

Part Number

  • #SWI-038801