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18″ Porter Urn, Navy

Gloss and elegance give Southern Patios Porter Urn its mystique to gardens, poolside patios and outdoor gardenscaping. With hand-crafted detail and a sleek finish, this urn pairs well with draping flower arrangements. These planters are a cost efficient alternative to ceramic or stone planters.

  • Construction creates a durable alternative to traditional ceramic urn planters
  • Gloss finish and styling provide an elegant container garden
  • UV protection increases resistance to cracking and fading

Available Sizes & Dimensions
Southern Patio Planter Dimensions

  • 15.5 Inch  |  15.5"(L) × 15.5"(W) × 18"(H)


  • Navy

UPC Code

  • 684143064725

Part Number

  • #CMX-064725

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