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HDR 16″ Acanthus Bell Planter

Hand-detailed carvings and a stone finish give the Acanthus planter its charming antiquity. Its bulbous body and neutral color provide a haven for flower arrangements lush in bright colors and various sizes. A heavy duty plastic construction provides protection against harmful UV rays and a resistance to cracking.

  • HDR® construction for a lightweight and durable planter
  • UV coated finish provides a weather resistant, long-lasting color
  • Resin construction withstands outdoor seasonal elements and everyday use

Available Sizes & Dimensions
Southern Patio Planter Dimensions

  • 12 Inch  |  12"(L) × 12"(W) × 7.6"(H)
  • 16 Inch  |  16"(L) × 16"(W) × 10.15"(H)


  • Tope Stone
  • Tope Stone

UPC Code

  • 684143021087
  • 684143021070

Part Number

  • #HDR-021087
  • #HDR-021070

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