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14″ Convex Bell, Red

The body of this planter curves outward in a convex shape, ultimately creating a unique
showcase for your planting. Always the glossy and colorful container selections, when
choosing the Convex Bell as your decorative pot make sure to pair it with plants and
flowers with equal color appeal to create a visually stunning container garden. A heavy
duty plastic construction provides protection against harmful UV rays and a resistance to

  • HDR planters are a lightweight and durable alternative to traditional ceramic
  • Gloss finish and styling provide an elegant appearance
  • Resin composite construction withstands outdoor seasonal elements and everyday use

Available Sizes & Dimensions
Southern Patio Planter Dimensions

  • 14 Inch  |  14"(L) × 14"(W) × 9.75"(H)


  • Red

UPC Code

  • 684143050391

Part Number

  • #HDR-050391

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